Skirmish Battlefield box Nr.2

Skirmish Battlefield box Nr.2

An ideal starting set to play a skirmish game on. Ready to play straight out of the box! Deciduous & coniferous trees and grey hills make it playable in any game setting.

  • Productinformation

    These hills are stackable, which will give your table a high replayablity! Forrest will fit on top of most hills aswell.


    Skirmish set contains:

    1 large

    2 medium hills

    2 small hills

    2 XS hills

    2 medium forest area's 

    2 small forrest area

    1 small bush area


    It includes a single box so you can store it savely and enjoy it longer


    *Miniatures are not supplied. Only shown for scale purpashes. Terrain will work for 15 - 32 mm models as there are no man made features.

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    Time to ship is 5 workdays, as they are on loan to a FLGS Tante Hannie

    Shipping depands on loction in the world.

    €6.75 in the Netherlands

    €13,- to any European country zone 1

    €18,50 to any European country zone 2

    €30,- to any country Globally 

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